Friday, July 29, 2016

Phillips Avent Anti Colic Bottles Take 1st Place!

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event as media. We received Gift Bags for attending.

Had a wonderful time listening to Sarah Chalke and Dr. Tanya Altmann. Every first time mom worries about a colic baby, and this was the topic! Did you know 10 in 30 babies have colic ?! Yea me either. Luckily my son wasn't a colicky baby. For those moms who do have one or will be a first time mom here's some great news. Avent has come out with a new bottle specially made for babies with colic and it's amazing. Usually anti colic bottles have about 3 pieces that dismember. The  Avent anti colic bottle has a fresh new design where no pieces come apart. That's right, just the bottle and the nipple! How great is that ?!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Clif Kids Bars for the Win!

Disclaimer: We attended this event as media and was provided gift bags for attending.

My son and I attended a Clif Kid event for their new organic Z bars. The minute we got there baby Liam decided he wanted to try them right away. As Liam was chewing, one of the sweet ladies that were there asked him if it was good. I've never heard my son say good so fast and so loud EVER!

Fun Times and Learning at the Lakeshore Event

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event as media. We received Gift Bags for attending.

I attended an event for some Lakeshore products that are out now or set to come out in the fall, we received some pretty cool toys from Lakeshore that are super fun and keep kids learning! This one is called Alphabots. They're so cool because we all know kids will rather have fun than learn, but with this we can do both! My son absolutely loves playing with them especially when they transform. These Alphabots are great for fun and learning. I hope my mommies of toddlers will pick this up for sure!