I'm a proud Stride Rite Mom!

Disclaimer: We were given gifts for attending this event. All opinions are solely my own.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this brand, Stride Rite was founded in 1919 as 'The Green Shoe Manufacturing Company'.  98 years of pure comfort!

As a child, I wore a bunch of shoes from Stride Rite. I guess you can say my mom was a Stride Rite Mom as well.

This isn't the best picture but here I'm hanging out on my mom's rocking chair with my first walking shoes. From Stride Rite of course!! 

When my son started to take his first steps, my next step was to get him walking shoes. None other than the notorious first walkers from Stride Rite. Check him out. 

Excuse me for the poor quality.

Since then times have changed and Stride Rite innovated their trademark first mover shoes along with many others.

Old school vs New school 

You can literally see and feel the difference of comfort. Of course they're a little more stylish then the ones Liam and I had. They also help support the child's ankles more which I absolutely love!!


Now these shoes here are so flipping amazing! I seriously recommend all my mommas out there to get these for their little ones. These are the 'Phibians'. These are the perfect summer sneakers. Why ? Because they are flexible enough for your everyday park adventure and also great for water. They dry super fast! 
So many people have come up to me asking where I've purchased Liam's shoes and I always take them straight to the Stride Rite website.  


This is Liam at Sesame Place wearing his Phibians!
I know a lot of people are like oh, well we have crocs for our son/daughter... Listen Liam has crocs as well. The regular ones as well as the sneakers crocs. Your child should always have great shoes that help support them. Regular crocs will simply not do. They definitely have no ankle support whatsoever. The sneaker crocs Liam had an issue with. They are too stiff for a child's foot period! They aren't flexible at all. People just look at the brand and go with that. Believe me, when I tell you Stride Rite is a greater brand, your child will be happier, more comfortable and probably complain less. Haha

Now soon summer will be over and you'll need to go boot shopping. Don't worry Stride Rite has it all! 


These are Snoots. Sneaker boots! They have the same comfort as sneakers but come higher and keep your feet warmer like boots. They are NOT bulky at all and are light as a freaking feather!! So when the time comes remember these for your children especially toddlers as they have a harder time with heavier boots.

I truly enjoyed talking with Stride Rite's Creative Director, Scott Loverin. He's great, so humble and truly loves what he does. 

I'm a Stride Rite Mom because my sons comfort matters to me!


  1. Makes me want to get them for my kids too..i've been tempted to get them several times, just don't get it why i didn't make that move yet


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