Dream Big Disney!

Hello to my fellow bloggers/parents. I’ve missed you all! 

I definitely have not written in quite a while. I’ve had writers block, and I’m basically just trying to deal with whatever life is throwing at me. 
I however would like to get back into the groove of blogging and I have a topic I would like to talk about. 

As you can see it has to do with the Disney channel. Now I have always been a fan of Disney. I grew up on Disney movies. Although I’ve grown up and apparently so has Disney, I feel they aren’t as gender neutral with their motivation commercials. We all know and we’ve all seen the “Dream Big Princess” commercials. So here’s my thoughts.

As a boy mom it does make me feel a little sour and I’ll tell you why. Boys growing up have it rough, sure all kids do but boys either get picked on and bullied for being smart (nerdy) or just fall into bad crowds. Especially these days! There aren’t any shows or commercials that helps our boys believe everyone is on their side and wants to help them be the best they can be. 
As a gender neutral channel I believe there should be a positive campaign for both boys and girls. Even though as parents we instill the power of knowledge and belief in our children. I think Disney should show support of both genders. 

Why are all movies based on princesses or animals ? Not that I have anything against those categories. But why hasn’t Disney made any movies about the princes ? How did they become princes? What are their strengths and how do they have so much courage? I may be going a little too into it, but I feel like the “Dream Big” campaign should touch kids everywhere , boy , girl , parent, anybody anywhere!

Let’s teach ALL KIDS the sky is the limit!

Please feel free to let me know how you feel about this. 


  1. I am a boy mom too (3 years and 1.5 years old). I have also noticed this. It's not just on Disney but on a lot of channels. There are so many campaigns wanting to build up and support little girls but boys definitely don't have the same support system. We really should focus on supporting all children because they are ALL the future, not just girls.

  2. Thank you for this post. I am a girl mom so don't know or see the dynamic as much. Hoping movies like Coco and the upcoming live action Aladdin will shed some light on strong male characters.

  3. i agree-there tends to be a big following of supporting girls a lot more than supporting boys-and the thought process of this is "well, girls need to be told they are more than just pretty" but on the other hand, boys need encouragement too!


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