Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Check Out My Top 3 Picks From The New York Baby Show !!

Disclaimer: We were invited to this event as press and are being compensated for this. The opinions I share are solely my own.

We were invited to this fun amazing event thanks to the #MomTrends. Upon arrival to the #MTBloggerLounge Liam bolted off to the play area. I knew he would.. However, I didn't know how many times I was going to have to ask him let's check out the show and we'll go back to the play area later. Haha 


I actually find it really cute that they had this. Really gave parents the break we needed when we went in to relax.


This year was my first year attending the New York Baby Show and I have to say I did enjoy myself. I saw a lot of things I should've tried out before and some that I'm happy I found out about now. Check out my top three picks from the show below.

•First I have the Jack N Jill Tooth Brush and Strawberry Toothpaste.


I chose this for a number of reasons. First off how hard is it for moms, parents in general to find good toothpaste that the child is really fond of and a toothbrush that's just right ?! Now the packaging pretty much speaks for itself. 

I used this with Liam the morning after the show and loved it. Let me make something clear with you all.. Liam is two but he is bigger than an average two year old. His hands for one thing are huge, but due to the ergonomic design it still has a perfect mold for his size hand which is an amazing plus for me! The first toothpaste we started using for Liam I wasn't really fond of but was scared to try other things because his dentist told me he need toothpaste with fluoride in it. Well guess what Liam is such a fan of this strawberry toothpaste so we're sticking with it and just brushing with a small amount of fluoride wash after. The flavors they have are so fun! I encourage all the parents reading this to seriously check them out, let your kid pick they're flavor toothpaste if it motivates them to brushing more!

•Second I Have Calendula Cream.


Okay, so I chose this because the week before the baby show Liam had a rash. I used what I always used which was the Honest Company's Organic Healing Balm. For the first time it didn't work. Then it started looking like it was raw (not actually raw but I can't describe it like a burn but not really) so I just put a small amount of cornstarch just to keep any moisture out of the area. It didn't work .. but it didn't get worse either. Then came the baby show and I saw this booth. So I thought wow okay..why not just try this today. 

Sure enough, when we got home and Liam bathed. I rubbed this on him. The next day I was so freaking happy to see real results like I was just in awe. I made a good decision using this that night. I definitely recommend this!

•Third I have not a product, but a solution.


Yes , out of all the other booths that were at the New York Baby Show I chose the Totsquad booth. 
Why ? Because let's face it children are filthy! They store snacks in the creases the strollers and car seats. They spill juice, and spit up. They chew food, put it in their little hands and wipe it everywhere. Sometimes we think we get it all out. Sometimes we just wipe it down. Sometimes after attempting to clean these things we just have a staring contest with the stains. 

With children, especially toddlers, it's hard to find the time to clean these items. By the time bedtime rolls around we're more than ready for a nice sleep ourselves. That's why I want other parents to know about Totsquad! They can either pick the items up or you can drop them off at their location. The prices are reasonable, especially considering your stroller or car seat is actually getting a nice little pampering. Their prices do vary on the packages but I think it is well worth it. 

Those were my top 3 picks for the New York Baby Show. If you do have any questions for the picks I posted or anything else please feel free to comment! 

Thank you again MomTrends!

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  1. Thats really a great event you were invited to by the MomsTrends. I think there should be more similar events for mothers and children to benefit from it.