Be patient momma a transition is happening!

As many of you know September 5th was the start of a new school year. 

September 5th my baby boy Liam embarked on a new journey. A journey as a Pre-K 3 student!! 
I know right, how exciting and emotional at the same time. I thought I would be emotional but that definitely was NOT the case. 

Liam started daycare back in October of last year, so he’s pretty familiar with the “school scene”. 
Since February when I registered him for Pre-K, all he kept mentioning was “big boy school”. How adorable right? I was so persistent on getting him in I literally almost cried when we didn’t get a call back in June. (Can anybody relate to that pain of disappointment ?)
Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t anybody prefer Pre-K over daycare?! Daycare has no actual curriculum.  Liam knew everything that his teachers were teaching everyone else. They repeatedly told me he was too smart for that class. So I knew I had to keep trying to get him into Pre-K. 

I started calling the school back in July and I DID NOT QUIT! I kept calling up until September 3rd. Just when I was about to give up. On September 4th at 5:35pm I received a call from the schools secretary sayin Liam was accepted! DO YOU KNOW THE EXCITEMENT THAT RAN THROUGHOUT MY BODY?! Lol. I was beyond ecstatic! My baby boy was finally getting his wish and going to “big boy school”!

What’s better than making a wish ? Having it come true of course! 

These days his new Pre-K class are having their transitional days. They’re half days so the kids can get used to the new environment. Now this is the part I thought I was going to be emotional about. I thought either him or I would shed a tear. NOPE not one! My sweet precious boy is really a big boy and I know he’s going to make momma proud! 

My cool boy is NEVER too cool for school!

Are your kids so excited they march to school ?

How was your minis first day and how did you react ?
Let me know!


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