Time For an Introduction


Hey Guys!
So I figured and introduction is way overdue.

My name is Bianca, I'm 25 years old, my favorite color is pink. My favorite place to shop is the Gap! My favorite food is probably all foods because I'm just such a hog lol. My favorite movie is and will always be the Titanic. I'm a classic romantic type of girl. If that even makes sense.

I'm a Wife to a man I've watched grow as a person and I couldn't be any happier. We been together since 2011 and got married in 2013. I've been a mom since 2015 to an amazing two year old boy. 
My sons name is Liam. He's smart, funny, charismatic and let's not forget taller than your average 2 year old!

Things that I'm interested in? 
Oh you know.. sharks(like I literally love sharks), swimming, outdoor activities, family activities, blogging, a little makeup, strollers (stroller addict), being creative and last but not least of course being a mom. 

I've been a blogger for almost a year. Within the first year I was able to attend events that I would've never thought to attend. Being a mom has really opened my eyes to certain things and now I don't see anything the same anymore. My bestfriend actually got me into blogging and I can't thank her enough. I love connecting and meeting new people. I have to say though some moms in the blogger world are CATTY! Lol like seriously. 

I honestly don't know how long introductions are supposed to be so I'm trying to think what else can I share with you all.
(Thinking Face)

Okay, so other things about me. Haha

I'm really an amazing person if I do say so myself. I'm funny, and outgoing. Or as they used to tell my mom when I was in school... I'm a social butterfly. Back then it probably wasn't such a good thing but now it's great! 

Andddd : That's all folks! 

Comment below with questions you have for me.



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