Wonder Crew in The City.

Disclaimer: We received this as a gift to review. Any opinions stated are solely my own.

Wonder Crew is an amazing new line of crew mates, also known as buddies. They all come in superhero gear and also have an eye mask and cape for your child as well. There are different outfits such as safari, bedtime, and construction that also comes with something for your child to wear as well. All these outfits are to make sure your child gets to indulge in all sorts of adventures.

When Liam first received his Wonder Crew Buddy 'Erik', he was so surprised and happy. Surprised because he and Erik actually resemble each other and happy because.. well who doesn't like surprised packages. He didn't even want to let the box go. He just kept hugging Erik. 


 I feel like imagination and adventures are a must for children growing up. Anything to open their minds and help developmental skills and fine motor skills are always a plus.


While inspired by little boys , Wonder Crew is a great company that is committed to empowering all children to see themselves as connected, creative, adventurous, strong beings with the ability to “Go Anywhere. Be Anything”. I as a mother am all for this. Especially being a mom of a boy sometimes it's hard to find a 'buddy' for him. Wonder Crew made it all possible and I cannot show enough thanks.


Liam is so attached Erik he actually treats him like a little baby sometimes. I believe the Wonder Crew Mates are unisex and are loads of fun whether you're a boy or girl. Like I mentioned previously it's all about their imagination that completes the fun in the relationship with their Buddy.


Our Superhero Liam has saved all of our days!


Always encourage your child so they know you're always in their corner. Sometimes we don't realize how much our words really mean to them. I vow to always teach Liam creativity, imagination, adventure, self love and much more. But sometimes it can start with little things like Wonder Crew Buddies. 

Stay tuned... I will be hosting a giveaway soon.


  1. Awesome job by the wonder crew, a really great lesson they're spreading. Becoming a superhero is a dream for every child, and getting all these costumes can make them really happy. Glad your kid enjoyed it!


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